Vips Platform

Analytical functionality of Vpos Platform

• Analysis of visits by client / staff in a particular area / all zones for a selected period of time;

• Analysis of downtime per customer / staff in a particular area / all zones for a selected period of time;

• Visualization of customer / staff routes. Analysis of routes.

• Visualization of the location of all clients / staff for a certain time interval;

Operational functionality of Vpos Platform

• Visualization of advertising content or other type of general or personalized information on an external display or the screen of a portable device when a client / staff is passing, at a predetermined area;

• Two-way exchange of information in real time with payment systems, customer loyalty programs, management of customer relations, etc .

Vips Platform enables:

• Setting numbers of facilities / floors / offices.

• Applying map / diagram of the facility;

• Positioning active real or virtual areas on the map / diagram;

• Picture in real time of the activity at the facility;

• Naming active zones;

• Create groups of zones;

• Increasing and decreasing range of areas;

• Creating time zones for filtering, aggregation or segregation analytical information;

• Data export and interfaces to ERP, CRM, Loyalty program, etc.

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